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    In Universidad de La Frontera, basic and applied research projects are carried out with internal (DIUFRO) and external (FONDECYT) financing. Research projects with financing from other external sources are subject to recognition by the Research Directorate at the request of principal researchers.


    Projects of Initiation into Research and Evaluation of Proposals (DIUFRO)


    Since the creation of Universidad de La Frontera in 1981, the Research Directorate has financed projects which seek to strengthen scientific research activities inside the Institution. With the passing of the years, the Competition for Projects of Initiation into Research and Evaluation of Proposals (DIUFRO) has evolved, and today promotes the proposal of research ideas rather than the curriculum of researchers. The approval of applicant projects is subject to exhaustive and strict evaluation processes, with external peers.


    The renewal of projects in execution is subject to approval of the Progress Report. The closure of the project and subsequent application for new competitive funding from the Directorate requires approval of the Final Report. Both reports must be submitted by internet in the "investigador" [researcher] option.


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    Competition with the objective of encouraging the development of basic research in Chile intended to satisfy the demand for knowledge exercised by social agents, contributing in parallel to the formation of new generations of scientists and technologists.




    The objective of this competiton is to stimulate productivity and the future scientific leadership of researchers who have obtained a Doctor’s degree during the three years previous to the call for bids, allowing them to dedicate themselves exclusively to research for a period of up to two years with a view to becoming involved in research fields.


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    The objective of this competition is to encourage and strengthen the development of high quality scientific and technological research through the promotion of new researchers, by financing research projects of 2 to 3 years duration in all areas of knowledge.


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